Real life scrooge

Real life scrooge [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] list, Do you know a real life scrooge? Below we will outline a few incidents involving some real life scrooges.

60 trees were stolen from a Boy Scouts council that was selling the trees as a fundraiser.

Adams Fairacre Farms, an upscale Hudson Valley food and farm market, donated 40 of its trees to the Boy Scouts of America’s Rip Van Winkle Council and arranged for one of its wholesale florists to donate 20 more to replace the ones stolen. Go here for more including photo and video.

A teacher at an Austin, Texas, elementary school's after-school program sparked controversy when she told students that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

The teacher, identified as Sonia Fuller by other news reports, told students that parents, not Santa Claus, leave gifts under Christmas trees. Go here for more including photo and video.

Craig Smith of Prescott pulled out his truck to drive to work on Monday, his heart sank when he noticed the baby Jesus figure missing from the small Christmas nativity scene near the entrance to his home in the 1900 block of Side Winder Road.

Cheryl and Craig said they had displayed the small nativity scene in front of their home at Christmastime for the past seven years without any problems. Go here for more including photo and video.