New Mexico gun store shooting

New Mexico gun store shooting [VIDEO], Police say shootings aren't supposed to happen in Silver City, a town of just 10,000 residents in isolated southwestern New Mexico.

Especially not in a gun store.

An employee at a New Mexico gun shop who was unloading a handgun accidentally shot and wounded a man in the back, authorities said Wednesday.
That's right, the customer at the gun shop in the town of 10,000 was shot right in the store, by an attendant.
Police reports chronicled the Tuesday, November 20 incident an accident, as the employee was unloading a .45-caliber handgun when he shot a customer in the back at Copper Country ATV in Silver City.

A 65-year-old man, whose identity has not been released by officials as of yet, was browsing through the merchandise when he was wounded. Go here for more including video link.

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